The Right Way To Fall Mountain

Down the mountain, activities inevitably have done, because it is impossible to play jump from the top of the mountain. And special attention should be given, because of the way down the mountain we’ve been madly tired after walking up. Down in a state of tired and carrying a backpack is a problem, because the whole weight will automatically be pushed down, so that the feet get an extra burden. Leg muscles work harder, hence the possibility of slipping, rolled, or even dislocate.

The longer the mountain slopes descend, the faster we are dragged down, to take immediate action to stop it, by landing a prominent dibatu foot or ankle plugged into loose soil or sand. Do not walk down the body to lean forward, causing the body weight on the foot is not completely, keep the body weight of both feet remain on top.

Before descending, tie shoelaces faster than usual and do not forget to wear a jaket gunung waterproof again trend purple women’s mountain jacket that is now in season. Weight forward pressure on the down time will be painful fingers - and toes are pushed bent at the tip of the shoe, especially when shoes are worn less suitable (loan). Tying shoelaces tightly will help keep your feet is not easy to shift and make finger - flexed toes.

Down on a sandy slope would be fun if we did degenerate motion using the palms gelinciran shoes. To stop the movement degenerated too far, jejakkanlah deep heel shoes - it’s sandy ground when necessary. This technique could cause our shoes intrusion of sand and gravel. Wear Gaiter to prevent it. Do not get out of the existing track, more - more so should cut down the trail steep cliff.

If forced out of the path there, always walk on the back - the back of the mountain. Avoid road in a niche - a niche or follow the river - the river below the mountain ridge. River does seem to point in the direction that is easy to go through to go down, but very dangerous to follow. River - a river in the mountains is often a cliff - steep cliffs and waterfalls formed, so difficult to descend without tools - special tools. Many accidents are in for a novice climber because of errors in the mountain following the river. The walkways are not clear due to the often less traveled, the path is usually the loggers - loggers. If you end up stuck and lost the path, choose the path with the principle remains above the ridge of the mountain, instead of running in a niche - a niche or follow the river.

Be - careful passing through the crater and surrounding area, as is not infrequently encountered frequently in toxic gas. Consider whether the path traversed an arid region and not encountered any plant, there could be a sign of toxic gases. If you feel dizzy head - dizziness, avoid immediately and seek fresh air to restore the state.

"Many lay people think, that sipping liquor is a good way to warm the body. This alleged wrong once, because the liquor causes the skin blood vessels expand, so that cold air can create an opportunity to enter the body. Anyway, sipping liquor can cause a hangover, so it certainly is not good for pedestrians - pedestrians on the mountain. "

Mountain - a mountain climb that often have obvious footpath. What if you look at some of the walkways on a track, immediately decided to follow the path that seems most obvious or visible when a lot of trash along the track that’s walking trails. A French climber write the word - a word Mountaineering allusion to Indonesia, the word - the word is written on a guest book at post climbing Mount Rinjani, Lombok. NTB.

EQUIPMENT mountaineering

This time, gue ngenalin equipment would climb a mountain or mountain ride tool BEG language that has accompanied gue in the heat of day and cool nights in the mountains ever climbed gue


After diligently saving as Cindy Cenora love -eh rupiah on its time, anyway, the Cindy Cenora now where are ya? - Finally kebeli tent also dream of the nation: LAFUMA SUMMERTIME!

This tent umbrella of taxable gue Rinjani storm, torrential rains in Semeru, and heat in Sindoro. Proven grace once! First, this tent oneself, it’s easy to make the loading-yang pairs. In addition, of course, because love kekecean gue, this tent definitely super ketjeh! Thanks to that experience, I’m finally a full collection free lust for money and buy it. Price problem .. erm … emmm .. can buy bra for a sack! * benerin bra *

First-time head to wear this … tent. Time up Cikuray yesterday. Unfortunately, land Cikuray mushy and watery, the FUMA be loved … dirty syekali. * cry *

Nesting Box

Previously, whilst still gue first climb, I’m think the name nesting is like a hammock, the tablets of the toils of dipake do sleep on one’s back and mounted between two trees. Apparently it is cooking basket. Make cooking. Yes iyalah.

Well, rantang- unknown nesting, I mean, it is a simple tool for cooking once in the mountains. A set of contents 3. But pass arranged such that, this nesting so keliatannya only one then. Practical and saves space in the carrier!

Anti stove Storm

Do not be sad. Not only Princess Syahrini aja aunt who had anti storm lashes. ACEN gaping also have anti storm … but … stove!

Sebenernya anyway, this stove is made ​​specifically for mountain ride normal. But .. that was modified so as to be able to minimize fire wind, so dishes can mature faster! Moreover, quite safe anyway for cooking tent palace. Coz.

Ya, the difference is the same stove stove up the mountain usual anti-storm:

That was the latest gears eike got. Eiya, gears If there’s a want minjem (read: NYEWA) may be excessively tablets! Cincay price is … #teteup #bisnis

Kalo now, let’s discuss the other gears:

CARRIER: AVTECH EIGER 65 + 10 liters - Call wherever she AVI.

AVI is the first tools to buy time scholarship gue gue down several years ago. Yeah, yeah. Scholarship but for the purchase tools up the mountain. Do not tell me-tell yak! : p

Well, of the many carrier-ketjeh ketjeh and brand names from abroad to outer space, why the AVI gue promiscuous?

Because cheap. #mahasiswakere

Yes, for the size of the carrier’s flights AVI lively and dependable. Local products anyway, but nice handsome reusable system. Tablets so lucrative. Just lucrative. Even so, the AVI is reusable anywhere all mountain climb gue udah ever!

Mountain Shoes: Hi Tech V

The Hi Tech V gue buy the policy period would climb Rinjani. Given the terrain to the summit of Rinjani filled with sand whispered,’d like gue gak store. In fact, in a comfortable anyway, more preferably up mountains mountain wear sandals. More practical!

The question, in addition to heavy mountain boots, also it makes the big toe because it’s very painful pressure we pass down the mountain. Over strainer fall while running directly kepleset to falling rolls and split kayak gue often do.

But lately passes eyewash to outdoor shops, the more Coz shoes over mountain passes in the foot and more lightly. Oiya, besides, these shoes waterproof tablets!

Sleeping Bag: within the Leuser

AVI with the same fate, this sleeping bag gue buy with the money proceeds of the scholarship which then makes gue hardship pay tuition on time. HAHAHAAHA. #malahbangga

Anyway, this Sleeping Bag Handmade her that the outdoor store. Normal, for #ParaPencariGratisan like this gue, pastinja find the cheapest with the best quality. Well, the brothers said his store anyway handmade and they have proven their quality in the market selling sweet. Wear is cool the first time. The second time … wear. Torn sheath. * cry *

Polar jacket:

The warm blue jacket ngalah-ngalahin werewolf fur this second purchase from Dildo gue gue one another climber. Besides gue like the color, model polar jacket The North face of this he udah gak production again in the market. Hence, buy second gue aja gak problem. Certainly a lot cheaper! : p

Wind Breaker jacket

Gue buy this windbreaker jacket before climbing Mount Semeru in Calm down, calm down, this gak result of ‘clean’ money scholarship coke. Gue on reusable labor, seenggaknya gue udah can buy a luxury with the sweat of his own.

Why gue says luxury cancer? Because this is expensive. Gue Musti fast junk for months in order to buy this. :(

But, yes again, Kalo said Rego Javanese gowo Rupo said that means prices take shape. That is so, because the price is expensive, quality assured. This jacket beneran anti storms and anti water!


This mat’s very important, even trivial, but the tablets! At least, if not able to buy anything so earned is used to purchase mats. The price is less than 50k of coke! Besides the low cost, once the mat is also vital because create coverings for the tent later. Guaranteed if severe cold in alasin gak!


Ever merhatiin feet bottom, just above the climbers nope shoes? Especially if it’s such a striking color, not the press, not even socks. Try our clay image below:

Well, that’s a piece of cloth called a Gaiter. Functions, can do resist snake bites or other animal bites. Original function let kalo gak exam water into the palace shoes. Other functions yet is let into the palace nope sand shoes. Function is not tersebutkan were …. let-Piss Dildo.

flashlight Head

Sebenernya gak gapapa also need a flashlight head anyway. But if you go up the mountain, more sweet hands free. Over at night. So, while we climb, we must hold kalo gak problematic here and there and still get light than moonlight and starlight. If you wear a light-hearted horror toughness jalanannya gak … #krik


Melingker in neck fabric gue, the color orange is referred to buff. A piece of fabric that’s very multifunctional. It could be a mask, could be iket head, it could cover the forehead, ring-ring can be funny, could be shawl-style style, it could cover the face or eyes, but what you can so chaperones life.

He equipment up the mountain the most standard and Alhamdulillah yah gue udah got himself so nope need nyewa-nyewa. Perhaps if that would mentemen nyewa to gue also boleeh .. #teteupjualan. Thy son, the full climb gears or equipment owned (rented), the safety of our ascent.

The way I am Facing the Cold When Hiking

Many friends say, I put on this type of climber. Mountain climbing is always just use the clothing as necessary, and never use a sleeping bag as well as the break arrives, when the cold God forbid.

If I may be honest, it should not put on, anyway. More precisely does not have, the cook wants to force the take too.

Why not borrow a friend?

It may anyway, but … “borrow tuker same keril luh, yes,” he said.

Lah! I continue to use what? Sacks?

Borrowing an item to a friend it’s arguably easy bother. For example, yes it was. That’s why, I decided to buy a sleeping bag as well in the end.

Meuter brand sleeping bag already in hand. What can be done next course, Packing-because keril ready. Enter the newly purchased sleeping bag to the bottom compartment. Camera and his cronies in the upper compartment. Zipper trim. Done.

Then, clothes, jackets, hiking equipment, logistics, etc., placed where?

Oh, yes, yes …

New problem, arises. I do not take into account the size of a sleeping bag so much takes place. Finally, back loading compartment terpaksalah down, because the compartment above is not likely to be bothered anymore. Fully loaded equipment documentation.

Many already, I adopt the idea of ​​light hiking, hence my keril size was relatively small-34 liters. Hence also, when the climbing season arrives, I have to be very clever to choose among the items which must be taken, and where the goods can also be entrusted to other friends. #eaa

Sleeping bag compartment I remove it from the bottom. One by one the clothes and accessories necessary I put in keril, until the bottom compartment terpadati. Zipper trim, and the packing was finished (again).

But now, the problem changed. Sleeping bag I could not be included.

Finally, rather than loading and unloading again, I decided this sleeping bag kept in the closet. The problem is solved. As an alternative, I borrowed a sleeping bag back friends who belong to a smaller size. Fortunately allowed, “But, to borrow the same tuker keril luh, huh?”

Lah! He again.


From the intro above, looks yes, I had a sleeping bag and a jaket gunung waterproof, which, although not sophisticated- very sophisticated, but warm enough. My problem only lies in the laziness brought mountain climbing equipment that takes up a lot of space keril-in my case, sleeping bag.

Since it was first purchased, to date, the sleeping bag was never used at all. After many years, perhaps now he has turned into an heirloom that is too sacred to be taken just anywhere. He was only allowed out when forced. In a sense, brothers need money, goods floated.

The question is: Why is this so far, only a sleeping bag are my point of emphasis?

Because, as far and as long as any of our climbing, sleeping bag obviously plays a very vital when we break the shut-in addition to tents and other warm clothing of course.

When the ritual mountain climbing, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst,” is one of the principles that I always hold. Associated with cold temperatures, “Plan for the worst” I was with preparing, planting mindset ‘Tarzan’-able to survive in the cold woods-even though almost naked long before the ritual ascent implemented.

The goal is that my brain and body can receive cold mountain conditions, such as when I was at home. On the mountain, but it feels like home. Tarzan and mindset is what will make my sleeping bag replacement.

Then, how do I reach these targets? Here goes the steps:

Since the start of the

They say, “Education begins at home.” Therefore, I started the ‘education’ is from home. The tools needed quite simple, and always available in the home, so no need to spend money. Just takes a little creative. And, the tools are:

Fan. For mountain wind simulation, as well as slightly lower temperature of the room (bedroom). The fan is set at the highest rotation.

Mats. For bedding, from the waist up. Waist down, let it touch the floor.

Tiles (classical vocabulary to the floor). At night, the floor will be cold, so it is suitable to simulate the cold mountain temperatures, which usually travel from the soles of the feet.

How do I use it? Yes, just use a third bed every night before. Easy right? Better yet, if there is an exhaust fan or air conditioner (AC), thus simulating acclimatization we do become more optimal.

Here, I intentionally did not turn on the air conditioner. For what? Because I do not have. As an alternative solution, I used to ‘exploit’ the AC office, mall, friends, neighbors, and so forth. So, wherever there is a chance (AC), that’s where the time of exercise.

At this point to finish the climb later, I’m actually manipulate the brain in order to receive the ‘standard’ new, the cold temperature. Therefore, the cold sensation should be enjoyed and not to be resisted. Because if not, the end result will be the same as not doing this exercise.

Mindset, my conditioning your order to receive this cold as a matter of course, as I get used to the temperature of the city.

Another possible combination is a bath at the times, in which the temperature of the bath water has become more cold-usually between the hours of 1:00 to 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Sometimes I add a sleeping shirtless. Actually, patrolling and gentlemen, quite well, in addition to the security of the village awake, I could also be rewarded. But I do not, my hometown rather spooky, former eviction grave, ya scared conference kunti or mas genderuwo.

in the course

The trip out of the city usually takes for hours. The duration of this travel time, I often use to simulate acclimation-by utilizing a cold source are widely available, whether it be from nature (Wind Cuek), or artificial (Air Conditioner). Of course, the cost to enjoy each of these different types. Where the first type is cheaper, while the second type is more expensive.

To be more optimal result, if possible, I would choose a vehicle that has two types of AC-Air Conditioner. Because, in addition to large-small chill of the air flow can be set alone (except for vehicles with central air conditioning), general well-conditioned vehicle, normally would prohibit anyone smoke in the cabin of the vehicle - although not always so in reality. Violators are usually just stupid people that plebeian ignorance, which is happy to take the rights of others dzalim. #CurhatColongan

Engineered so that it runs smoothly acclimatization, I set up a cool AC discharge gradually, up to the point of being a little cooler (not comfortable) rather than my body acceptable.

That is how?

Here, it is assumed, comfortable temperature limit can be accepted my body is at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Thus, with regard to this case, I will lower the temperature of the air-conditioning to a level of 20 or 19 degrees Celsius. In cases where, my body became a little uncomfortable.

In public transport, would be difficult to determine the degree celciusnya, especially if it is a type of air conditioner central air conditioning, where all the settings are done from the driver’s control panel. If this is the case, how to outsmart, yes, live play ‘taste’ of course, with the wear-off as an alternative to a jacket temperature controller.

when climbing

Not all foot mountain cold temperature, such as the Seven Mountains, at Edinburgh, and Mount Rinjani, Lombok. Nevertheless, not a few also that the cold temperature has been felt since we were on their feet, such as Mount Semeru, in Malang-Lumajang and Mount Gede, Bogor.

From what I noticed, some people will instantly use warm clothing (jackets, sweaters, skullcaps, and so forth), so they arrive at the first location (post registration) ascent. The biggest reason, of course because of the cold.

What they are doing is not wrong, it has become a natural instinct, I also sometimes do. But, especially for the trip up the mountain, my instinct is often set aside, especially for the mountains that are known to cool.

My habit is to avoid the direct use of warm clothing. The goal is to escalate the simulation stage of acclimatization before I have done, to the actual level of acclimatization. With a gradual and smooth transition like this, the end result is of course expected to increase the body’s resistance to cold temperatures mountain I will climb.

Another reason to avoid the use of the jacket during the ascent-headed base camp / camp-site is, to reduce the burning of excess calories, which therefore can also save energy. Load (keril and everything) were taken while hiking, plus a relatively far distance, I think is enough to warm the body. And do not forget, plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

Often climbing a mountain? This should Tau, Tips Choosing Outdoor Jackets

Now this Outdoor Jacket, or what we often say mountain jacket, has a lot of variations and models, designs, and materials, ranging from local brands to international brands are also many sekalai to enliven, well before you choose and buy some points you should know about tips choosing outdoor jacket. Move freely out there is dangerous, so you should really make preparations for a tool that really qualified,

not to just chase the trend and style alone, one of your clothes, it’s useless but also the style that can not protect you, well here are tips on choosing the right outdoor jacket, let us consider:

1 Adjust Material, Size, Model Outdoor Jackets

Good Outdoor jacket should cover the upper body, and neck for lenagan hole should be completely closed, because to prevent the cold when your adventure will be, and the less important ga, free movement of your watch, it’s useless if it can also cover but you hard move because of the size of the less fit for you,

choose a jacket outdor not too ketet dibadan, and do not be too Longar also, Choose which had a high collar and a hat to protect the top of your self, For there are many materials, but the functioning of wind-breaker or water proft, and the materials are preferred waterprof for this outdoor jacket, because it is more water resistant.

2 Adjust Field

Recognizing the terrain to be encountered are also very important, as you will know the exact characteristics of outdoor jackets are used which, if you go to the mountain with an altitude of 2000-3000 meters above sea level, use of outdoor jackets made ​​in a polar, to warm, but use should also fit sleep , because if DiPai to run, excessive sweating will exit the emngakibatkan you get tired.

3 Details Outdoor Jackets

In tips on choosing the right jaket outdoor  is the thing that people often overlook such as the pockets and zippers, pockets Too much will make the jacket are also less effective, consider the problem of functions, such as pockets that exist in addition to the stomach, in addition to storing the goods can also be used to warm the palm of the hand.

and untukk good zippers should have longer layers in the front, for a waterproof coating.

4 Brand Outdoor Jackets

Choose Brand outdoor jacket that has you more familiar with, or who already have a reference to choose the outdoor jacket, outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin is a well-known, Heads, Timberlan, etc..

whereas for local brands there Eiger, CONSINA, Cozmeed, AVTECH, and DLL.

Sometimes there is also a lesser-known brand but it has really good ingredients, you can check on the zipper, if the brand name is listed together with its outdoor jackets, could be regarded as not just any perusaahan bagusm can make good zippers, YKK zippers choose that which is guaranteed quality.

Well a few points above this are tips on choosing the right outdoor jacket, may be becoming your reference in selecting outdoor jacket would be, do not forget sahare to friends as well.

He said, Ideal Husband is Mountaineering?

Carry the burden of tens of kilograms backs, never giving up on bad weather, is responsible for a companion, can cook and always receive the worst of circumstances. Probably not too much if it - it has been named to the climbers are mostly dominated by men.


If it is applied in daily life - days or even family life. Then they deserve to get a “ideal husband is a mountain climber” If we have described one by one.

 Wear jaket gunung and carrying a large duffel bag (carrier) with the contents of a dozen or even dozens of kilograms of deifying one borne on the shoulders of the family man to the summit. The bag is the life, life and trust that should not be separated from its back.

With great effort was taken to the top of the bag through the trail is a steep uphill. Not to mention when the weather is hostile, rain storms, heavy fog, bitter cold. Being separate trials for them, just patience, sincerity and tireless spirit which became the main capital.

An ascent is generally done by a few people and they are mutually accountable to each other.If one injury or declining health, they would back up and take care of the patient.

When it came time to eat it all certainly busy preparing dishes that will be served, the menu sometimes did not ever exist in any restaurant. They are trained chef natural result. Sleep on a mattress that is far from the soft, cold weather pegungungan, coincide - setenda crush with friends, not to mention if there is any one who fart or snore. It does not matter to them, even it is considered a story to their children and grandchildren later.

Always with laughter and smiles they menikmatinya.Kepuasan their faces would look if it had climbed the peak that be the goal. Nothing can replace it in their lives, pain, fatigue and despair will almost disappear when seeing the sun come up as a new beginning in the eastern horizon